Dr. Timothy McWhirter, Director
Dr. McWhirter is a Professor of Philosophy in the World Languages and Philosophy Department on the Rockville Campus of Montgomery College.  He is the faculty co-chair of the college sustainability committee.  He holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Florida State University and a BA in Philosophy from the University of South Florida.  He served as the Chair of the Communication, Arts and Philosophy Department on the InterAmerican Campus of Miami Dade College and the Coordinator of the Humanities Department at Salt Lake Community College.  While at Salt Lake Community College, he served for four years as the Chair of the Faculty Senate Technology Committee and for three years as the Chair of the eEducation Advisory Council.  Email Address:

            Dr. Joanne Bagshaw, Professor of PsychologyJoanne
Dr. Bagshaw is a Professor of Psychology on the Germantown Campus of Montgomery College, and a Licensed Professional Counselor in Maryland and Licensed Mental Health Counselor in New York. In addition to teaching full-time at MC, she maintains a part-time psychotherapy practice focusing on treating trauma, and working with individuals going through life transitions. Her research interests are in mindfulness and contemplative pedagogy.  She is one of the faculty members who signed on to this project at beginning and helped make it possible.

Hirshorn_photo (1)

       Dr. Robin Vaughn Hirshorn, Adjunct Professor of Biology
Dr. Hirshorn is an Adjunct Professor of Biology on the Rockville campus of Montgomery College, and on the Columbia campus of Howard Community College.  She received her Ph.D. in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences from Texas A&M University, a B.S. in Organismal Biology from Adams State College, and a B.A. in Psychology from Miami University.  Her background is in conservation biology, and she has conducted research on cetaceans, seabirds, and birds that reside in wetland habitats.  Dr. Hirshorn currently teaches biodiversity, evolution, ecology, and environmental biology topics.  Her teaching interests center on active learning and inquiry-based methods, and she has recently begun to incorporate service-learning projects into some of her classes.

Kathryn Jones          Dr. Kathryn Suzanne Jones, Adjunct Professor of Biology
Dr. Jones is an Adjunct Professor of Biology at Howard Community College. She received a B.A. in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania, and her M.S. and Ph.D. in Genetics from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. She has a background in basic research, focusing on the human retrovirus HTLV-1, and has presented data at numerous international meetings and published many articles in peer-reviewed and review articles on that topic. She is currently serving on the Faculty Advisory Council to the Maryland Higher Education Committee. She teaches courses in Biology, Genetics and Cell Biology, and has recently started in introducing active learning methods to courses previous taught using traditional lecture formats.

Matthew Ratz Photo

          Prof. Matthew Ratz, Adjunct Professor of English
Throughout his career, Matthew Ratz has been keenly focused on creating and delivering meaningful instructional programs that deliver results for learners of all ages.  Since 2006, Matt has worked with suburban high school students in Montgomery County, MD, at-risk middle school students in DC, parochial school students, adult learners at two-year colleges, adults with autism and other developmental disabilities, and professionals from across the fields of Mental Health, Business, and Higher Education.  Matt is a celebrated public speaker, trainer, and author of articles that have appeared in web-based publications and peer-reviewed journals. He is often quoted in media publications and speaks at local and national academic conferences on topics ranging from supporting learners with autism to planning for the needs of Millennials in the 21st Century workplace. Additionally, Matt is involved in leadership and skill-development training for direct-support staff and currently directs the Adult Day Program for CHI Centers Inc. serving nearly 200 adults with developmental disabilities.  Matt earned his BA in English Literature and his M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, both from the University of Maryland College Park.

Robinson Mary          Dr. Mary Robinson, Chair, Department of English and Reading
Dr. Mary E. Robinson is a native Baltimorean. For 15 years she taught Special Education for the Baltimore City Public High Schools. Dr. Robinson has a B.S. in Business Administration from Barber-Scotia College, M.S. in Special Education: Reading from Coppin State University, M.S. in Counseling from Loyola College, and a Doctorate Degree in Higher Education Administration with a focus on Community College Leadership from Morgan State University. The focus of her dissertation was Faculty Development in Public Community Colleges. Currently, Dr. Robinson is a Department Chair and Professor of Reading.  In her role as Department Chair she is the facilitator of the English and Reading Department at the Germantown campus.  Mary is a member of several higher education and professional organizations, which include the Developmental Education Association of Maryland (DEAM), National Association of Development Education (NADE), The Chair Academy, as well as the American Educational Research Association (AERA).         

            Dr. Amanda Truett, Professor of Environmental SciencesAmandaTruett (1)
Dr. Truett is a Professor of Environmental, Estuarine and Environmental Sciences on the Silver Spring/Takoma Park Campus of Montgomery College.  She received her Ph.D. at the University of Maryland in 2007. She has designed, developed, and implemented science curricula for over 26 years at colleges and universities in Maryland, North Carolina and the UK. She has also served as Program Manager of the Sea Watch Foundation Cetacean Monitoring Unit, Oxford, and as Executive Director of The Wildfowl Trust of North America on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, where she managed regional science education internships and programs. She took the role of Smithsonian Faculty Fellowship Coordinator in 2010.

Prof. Judith Stone, Professor of Art and Design
Professor Stone teaches design at the Rockville Campus of Montgomery College, where she is the Special Projects Director in the Art Department. She founded the Rockville Art Department’s Artist in Residency Program and the campus’ annual ArtWalk festival. She also served as the Gallery Director for the department’s Sarah Silberman Gallery for two years. Prof. Stone has taught at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore and the University of Maryland College Park.

Dr. Leah Allen, Associate Professor of Biology, Rockville Campus

Prof. Carla Best-Otubu, Assistant Professor of Nursing, Takoma Park/Silver Spring

Prof. Jennifer Capparella, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, Germantown

Dr. Agnes Conaty, Adjunct Professor of Mathematics, Rockville

Dr. Spencer Cosmos, Adjunct Professor of English, Rockville

Prof. Cristina Butler, Chair, World Languages and Philosophy Department, Rockville

Dr. Mohibulla N. Durrani, Adjunct Professor of Engineering, Rockville Campus

Dr. Mary E. Hopkins, Professor of Mathematics, Rockville

Prof. Tendai Johnson, Professor of Art, Rockville

Prof. Chris Koch, Professor of Television, Rockville

Dr. Rita Kranidis, Professor of Humanities, Takoma Park/Silver Spring

Prof. Pauline Laster, Associate Professor of Sign Language, Rockville

Prof. Hannah Leatherbury, Adjunct Professor of Yoga, TP/SS Campus

Dr. Michael LeBlanc, Associate Professor of English, TP/SS Campus

Dr. Jason Lee, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Rockville

Dr. Maria-Elvira Luna-Escudero-Alie, Professor of French and Spanish, TP/SS Campus

Dr. Virginia Lea Miller, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Rockville Campus

Dr. Abdirisak Mohamed, Adjunct Professor of Mathematics, Germantown Campus

Prof. Carla Isabel Naranjo, Associate Professor of Spanish, Germantown

Dr. Sadi Sahbazian, Professor in the American English Language Program, TP/SS Campus

Dr. Hossein S. Seifzadeh, Adjunct Professor of Politics, Rockville

Dr. Deborah Taylor, Associate Professor of English, TPSS Campus

Prof. Anestine Theophile-LaFond, Professor of Communication Studies, Rockville

Prof. Mary Wall, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Germantown Campus

Dr. Syed A. Wasif, Adjunct Professor of Political Science, TP/SS Campus

Dr. Monica Zhang, Adjunct Professor of Chinese, Rockville Campus

Prof. Terry Brooks, Professor of Developmental Reading, Frederick Community College

Prof. Jose-Luis Izursa, Adjunct Professor of Biology, TP/SS Campus

Prof. Dyon Stefanon, Associate Professor of English, Rockville Campus

Prof. Auksuole Rubavichute,  Associate Professor of Philosophy, Rockville Campus

Prof. Michael Harding, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Germantown Campus

Prof. Stephen Kcenich, Associate Professor of Mathematics, TP/SS Campus

Prof. Parisa Meisami, Adjunct Professor of Mathematics, Rockville Campus

Dr. Iraida Cabrera Carnero, Associate Professor of Physics, Germantown Campus

Prof. Elisa Roberson, Associate Professor of English, Howard Community College

Prof. Gina Yurek, Professor of Nursing, Hagerstown Community College

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