This grant project  will create the largest study of flipped classrooms ever done. It will include faculty members from colleges across the state. The project has received approval from the Dean level FlippedClassroom 2at Montgomery College.  Before we take it before the Grant Review Committee at the college, we are seeking input from faculty, staff and administrators across the state.  There are a number of ways for people to participate. If you have any ideas, suggestions or are interested in participating, please contact the project Director, Dr. Timothy McWhirter ( or one of the members of the project team.

Draft of Grant Proposal: Flipped Classroom Study

The expected benefits of the project include:

  • Increase student outcomes
  • Improve the data on the relative value of different teaching strategies
  • Reduce demand for classroom and parking space
  • Increase the efficiency of work at the college
  • Increase the resilience of college operations

The project is based on three trends in contemporary higher education:

  • Flipping the classroom
  • The conference circle approach
  • The move to paperless processes

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