Flip Classes Using the Workshop Model

Queen Muse writes for on December 15th that the “Teachers at Friends School Haverford on the Main Line are embracing a new teaching method that eliminates classroom lectures and focuses on an individual and small group teaching approach called, ‘workshop.’

‘For years teachers have thought that the most efficiently way to teach kids is to stand up and talk to them. But teachers are beginning to let go of the need to be in front lecturing students,’ Friends Haverford Head of School Michael Zimmerman said.  ‘When teachers do that, when they let go and actually engage with students, we begin to see how brilliantly the model works for them and for the students.’

The workshop model is a non-traditional teaching method in which teachers follow a four-step instruction process that eliminates lectures. Instead, teachers briefly share an overview of the day’s learning goals, followed by a brief set of instructions, and then releases students to work individually or in groups for the remainder of the day. The workshop closes with a short debriefing to give students an opportunity to reflect on lessons learned that day.”
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