How to Flip Meetings

Andy Wolber writes in TechRepublic January 29th, “Greg Green, principal of Clintondale High School, challenges conventional behavior with unconventional thinking. He encourages teachers to “flip” the classroom: to create videos for students to watch outside of class, so that teachers may assist students as they work on projects in class. That’s ‘flipped’ from the conventional classroom where a teacher lectures, students listen, and work occurs outside of school.

New tools make the flipped classroom possible. In a broad sense, videos are the new textbook. For example, a teacher might record a lecture with a screen-capture tool or illustrate a lesson by drawing on a tablet. Teachers may need to learn those skills — video capture and annotation — while also abandoning familiar in-class lectures. That can be a challenge. Green clearly thinks that the flipped model increases both the time students spend with their teacher and student learning.

Your organization might benefit from a challenge to conventional behavior, as well.

Imagine, for example, a meeting. You walk into a conference room and sit in a chair. You pick up a printed agenda. The second agenda item includes the words ‘status update.’ Another agenda item suggests that you’ll discuss lunch orders. You expect to receive the minutes by email the next day. Normal, right?

Let’s rethink that meeting.”  Read more here.


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