Flipped Classrooms Will Revolutionize Online Learning

The article below from Ecampus News lists flipped classrooms as part of the number one trend in online learning: Blended Learning.  The second trend is the use of video.  This, of course, is a central feature of flipped classrooms.  The third trend is interactivity as opposed to talking heads.  This is a central feature of flipped classrooms.  The fourth trend is “mobility is a must.”  Flipped classrooms enable students to learn at home and while they travel.  The sixth trend is auto-grading.  This can be an effective feature of flipped classes that enables faculty to gain valuable information about student performance and encourages students to do their work.  The seventh trend is “open, intuitive platforms.”  This will be an important part of effective flipped classrooms.

The only trend that does not relate directly to flipped classrooms is trend number five: cheating.  There is a wave of change coming to higher education and our project is on the front end of it.

7 trends that will revolutionize online learning, Andrew Barbour, Ecampus News, November 30, 2015


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