‘Flipped’ classrooms improve physics education reports that in a paper recently published in the journal Physical Review, Calvin Kalman, a professor in the Department of Physics at Concordia University, and his research team undertook a five-year study involving close to 1,000 students enrolled in four physics courses at two universities.

Using data gathered during student interviews, writing assessments and a special questionnaire, the researchers found that students can actually improve their thinking and learning by engaging in Reflective Writing and interactive activities.

“I want instructors to move away from relying solely on the traditional lecture method,” says Kalman.  “Instead, I envision what is called a ‘flipped’ classroom, where students try to understand concepts before coming to class, and then have an opportunity to explore these concepts in the class alongside their peers, and with the guidance of a teacher.”

Read more at:  ‘Flipped’ classrooms improve physics education,, December 15, 2015


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