Teacher awarded $15K grant to implement Flipped Classroom

The News Sun Journal reported September 19th, 2017,

RUMFORD — Mountain Valley High School Technology teacher Jeff Bailey hopes his idea for teachers to record themselves in their classrooms will advance student-centered learning.

Jeff_BaileyIn early September, Bailey won a $15,000 grant as part of the Nellie Mae Education Foundation’s Lawrence W. O’Toole Leadership Awards. The award recognizes public high school teachers who are advancing student-centered approaches to learning throughout New England. A total of 12 teachers across the region were also selected for the O’Toole Leadership Awards….

Bailey uses a “flipped classroom” teaching style in his technology classes at MVHS. Some research shows that a traditional teaching style where the teacher delivers material to students during class time “doesn’t give the (students) the support they need when they need it most,” he said.

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