Columbia Funds 16 New Flipped Courses

Columbia Spectator reporter Clara Chan writes on December 4th that “next year, some Columbia (University) professors will be able to know what their students do and don’t understand—before they even report to class.

At least, that’s what Vice Provost for Online Education Soulaymane Kachani hopes 16 recently funded ‘hybrid learning’ courses—which combine technology with ‘flipped classroom’ models—will accomplish.

‘We can assess, for instance, in some of the courses, the right length of video that will have maximum impact for a specific course or discipline,’ Kachani said.

By identifying ‘parts of the video where students keep rewinding and rewatching,’ he said, professors can work to clarify and potentially adjust their courses mid-semester to account for student feedback.

The courses—seven undergraduate and nine graduate—will be available starting in the spring semester, the Office of the Provost announced Thursday morning.”  More here.


NEW IDEAS | Vice Provost for Online Education Soulaymane Kachani helped select the 16 proposals that will become experimental courses next year.

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