Flipping Grows in K-12 and Higher Education

A new survey shows the flipped classroom model is expanding and changing in K–12 classrooms, with 30 percent more teachers adopting the teaching method since 2012.  It is a sign that more and more of our students in the future will come to college with experience in the flipped classroom.  Use of the model has increased 27 percent in Higher Education.

The data is based on the results of an online survey taken by 2,358 educators that was conducted in February by the Flipped Learning Network (FLN) and

Recognition of the term “flipped learning” has grown, reaching 96 percent of respondents, up from 73 percent in 2012. It’s also received more acceptance among school administrators. Three out of four administrators support their teachers’ flipped classroom efforts, according to the survey. And nine out of 10 teachers indicated student engagement had improved with flipped learning.

Middle and high school teachers are still the most likely to use the flipped classroom technique, but the survey noted there has been a rise in its use by elementary-school teachers (15 percent).  You can find the survey here.

Flipped k12 2

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