Flipped classroom pitches interactions

At the Montgomery College opening meeting this fall, Dr. Pollard described the “cafeteria style self-service model” of student support discussed in the book Redesigning America’s Community College’s. This approach is described in the book as contributing to a low graduation rate. In order to address this situation, Dr. Pollard told the faculty members to “help our students find their pathways…. Be an ever present and intentional force in the lives of our students…. Reach out to those students who are struggling in your class…. Reach out to them repeatedly and intentionally — get in their face.”

Jon Bergmann, one of the developers of the flipped classroom, said in a recent interview that this innovative teaching method is designed to encourage teachers to engage actively with students.  “I believe that what makes good teaching good is the relational connections that teachers have with their students,” Bergmann said. “We as teachers need to find ways to have more interaction with small groups of students. Flipped learning is an ideal way for teachers to have more and better interaction with their students.”  For more see this recent article in The Korea Times.


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