The Gates Foundation and the Flipped Classroom

In the New Republic Dana Goldstein recently wrote that, “in March of 2013, I watched Bill Gates give the keynote lecture at SXSWedu, an annual education technology-themed offshoot of the Austin mega-festival. Addressing several thousand entrepreneurs who hoped to sell apps to schools, Gates celebrated education technology as ‘potentially a large-sized market’ of about $9 billion. The attendees were rapt…In his speech, Gates promoted the idea of the ‘flipped classroom,’ in which students watch online video lectures at home and then come to school the next day to do what is currently thought of as homework, with the teacher acting as a sort of tutor.”  The article provides a critical analysis of the work of the Gates Foundation.  You can find it here.  In the Funding section of the website you will find several examples of projects associated with flipping the classroom that have been funded by the Gates Foundation.


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