President’s Flipped Class Initiative at Iowa State

Last Thursday Iowa State University held a showcase for their President’s Flipped Class Initiative.  This initiative involves over 60 faculty and staff from 25 academic departments.  In February the University reported the following:

Twenty-two teams have begun the task of converting more than 80 courses – delivered now in a traditional face-to-face format – to a variety of flipped classroom approaches. About two-thirds of the reworked courses will be rolled out this fall; the rest will be ready to go spring semester 2016.

ISU’s Presidential Flipped and Hybrid Course Initiative is providing nearly $262,000 in one-time grants to get the job done, with departments providing nearly $55,000 in matching funds. Grants vary in size from $2,500 to integrate guest lectures, instruction and videos for a hybrid version of a 400-level supply chain management course, to nearly $28,000 to develop online content for four engineering courses that will include alumni and industry videos. All seven colleges and 25 academic departments are represented among the 22 projects.

You can read more here.  The project website is here.


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