NSF grant to ‘flip’ classroom at Tuskegee University

A National Science Foundation grant valued at nearly $300,000 promises to help advance Tuskegee University’s strategic priorities to enhance student success in STEM programs, increase student retention, improve long-term graduation rates and expand the university’s online education offerings.

This project, entitled “Strategies for Effective Engagement (SEE),” is under the direction of Dr. Chadia Affane Aji and Dr. M. Javed Khan, who together represent one of the university’s earliest cross-disciplinary teaching teams. It is centered on designing “flipped,” introductory-level mathematics and engineering courses that leverage face-to-face classroom instruction and online learning environments to engage students better and increase their proficiency with online learning.  Read more.


Dr. Chadia Affane Aji and Dr. M. Javed Khan

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